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Why do we use a service fee model?

A 20% service fee is added to all orders in lieu of accepting tips so that everyone who works here may enjoy the stability of a guaranteed living wage, paid time off, and health and retirement benefits. Contrary to a conventional tipping economy, our service fee evenly supports our entire staff, both front of house and back of house, rather than going directly and exclusively to the person who provides service at the counter.


Why not just include it in the pricing?

In our economy and culture, we aren’t used to seeing prices that fully reflect the cost of labor that goes into producing our food. We want to be clear that the additional 20% is a service fee that guarantees a living wage and benefits for our entire staff. The final price you pay for our food is a more accurate representation of what it takes to cover the true cost of operating as a restaurant that employs a full staff.


Why not just accept tips?

The majority of people who work in restaurants rely on tips for a significant portion of their income. But tips are inherently unstable and unpredictable, because they depend on sales and the kindness of customers.


Why should we move towards abolishing the tipping system?

The system of tipping is rooted in slavery. During the Post-Civil War era, restaurants and railways “hired” newly freed slaves, but did not pay them. Instead, these workers relied solely on tips. Today, working for tips subjects workers to gender and racial discrimination on a regular basis.


We would like for the industry to move away from the system of tipping. We are proud to follow in the footsteps of other businesses who have courageously led the way in eliminating tipping by instituting a service fee: Cafe Olli, Apizza Scholls, Kachka, Jojo, Sugarpine Drive-In, Gabbiano's, Mama Bird, Fermenter, and other industry friends.

Where can I read more about tipping and service fee models?

Axios News, August 24th, 2023, "Portland restaurants embrace the service charge"

Washington Post, February 18, 2016, "I dare you to read this and still feel good about tipping"

Eater, February 22, 2018, "The Case Against Tipping in America"

NYTimes, February 21, 2021, "Is This the End of Tipping?"

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