Every Slice Makes a Difference

Just like pizza, paying it forward also has Neapolitan origins. A tradition that dates back to hard economic times during WWII, it began with people buying their morning coffee, but paying for two so that someone else could enjoy a coffee even if they couldn't afford to. The idea has since spread worldwide, and we see no reason why it can't work with a slice of pizza instead of coffee. 

Hungry folks come through our doors every day, and if they don't have the means to buy their own food, our Pay it Forward program offers them a chance to dine with dignity, just like any other paying customer would. 

We also occasionally receive requests from local organizations for pizza donations to feed the people they serve. We do our best to honor these requests while covering the costs of operating an independent pizzeria, which include paying living wages and health benefits. But with your help we hope to accommodate more of these requests.

Some organizations we support with pizza donations are:

Liberation Literacy

Liberation Literacy builds social justice literacy in prisons in order to reimagine and re-articulate the relationship between incarceration, our community, and ourselves. They host a reading and discussion group at Columbia River Correctional Institution to learn from Angela Davis, James Baldwin, Malcolm X, and other liberation theorists. 

We donate pizzas for their monthly "Movie Night."

Sisters of the Road

Sisters of the Road is a non-profit cafe which offers meals and job training to houseless individuals in a safe, dignified space.

We donate pizzas to support their important work on houseless advocacy in Portland, as well as their principles on nonviolence,

gentle personalism, and anti-oppression. They are the inspiration behind our mission to enable everyone to Dine with Dignity.