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We offer a focused menu of meticulously-crafted pizza, served as 18" round and 16" square pies.

Our naturally-leavened pizza dough is made from Pacific Northwest-grown  wheat and slowly fermented before baking in a super hot electric deck oven. The resulting crust is crisp, light, and airy, with a delightful sourdough flavor.

We use organic California-grown tomatoes and only the finest quality cheeses.

Our fresh herbs, salad greens, and vegetables are grown organically and sourced locally whenever possible.

Every pizza is handmade with love by passionate, skilled, and kind-hearted pizzaioli.

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We are happy to offer par-baked pizzas for those times when our timing & availability is not ideal for your dining schedule.


Par-baked pizzas come unsliced, with garnish toppings on the side, and with easy reheat instructions for a perfect finish in your home oven.

To order a par-baked pizza online, look for the checkbox under the list of toppings after selecting ​which pie you would like, or just give us a call after 2pm on days we're open!


We normally bake each pizza in a two stage process. A first bake in a super-hot oven gives our crust it's signature spring, char, and blistering. Then each pizza rests for a few minutes to let off steam and allow the toppings to set slightly, before we give it a second bake in a lower temperature oven which ensures a nice and crispy crust.


When you take home a par-baked pizza, you will complete the second baking stage in your home oven. The goal at this stage is not to further brown or cook the pizza, but simply to refresh & crisp up the crust, and warm the toppings.



Preheat a pizza stone, baking steel, or cookie sheet to 450 degrees. Reheat slices or the whole pie directly on the surface of the stone or cookie sheet and bake until the cheese begins to bubble (about 2-5 minutes, from room temperature). If the cheese begins to brown you've gone too far! For a #1 or DeFino pizza, apply the basil, parm, and olive oil in that order after the pizza comes out of the oven.

Thank you, have fun, and enjoy!